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Date: 14th May 2016
Stainless Steel Fishing Line
Taizhou Kaichuang Metal Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading stainless steel fishing line manufacturers and also a professional such supplier,Website:http://www.kaichuangmetal.com, equipped with a productive stainless steel fishing line factory and company, we are able to offer you quality products, please feel free to contact us.Detailed introduction to stainless steel fishing line:Fishing stainless steel rope?1.Material: Stainless steel.2.Wire size: 0.20mm-1.2mm3.Tensile strength: 500(MPa)4.Main products: Various specifications of stainless steel fishing line wire coil 10M.5.Specifications: 1*7, 1*3, 7*7, 1*19, 7*19, 6*19 etc...6.The color of fishing line: Transparent color, green, black, red, golden yellow, or according to customer requirementsTo match the color.7.The tension of fishing line: 5LB-200LB.8.The color of wire coil: Red background white shell, the transparent shell.9.The categories of wire coil: An ear, no ears, teeth, no teeth, a hole, no hole.10.While providing a variety of white and black pieces brass and label.11.Brass mounted, labeling and so on according to customer requirements.12.Tag, brass can be provided by the customer, we provide processing and assembly service